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We have a simple, logical roadmap; it is our intention to beat all these forecasts, but for the comfort of our Investors these are the confirmed timelines.

Phase 1 Site Launch
External Contract Audit
Seed Sale
White Paper Published
Solidity Finance Audit
Private Sale

Phase 2

Contract Launch
Dextools Listing
CoinGecko Listing
CMC Listing
NFT Development

Phase 3

Website Launch (NFT)
Website Launch (Platform)
App Launch (NFT + More)
Development Team Expansion

Phase 4

Bridging to ETH and MATIC
Consumer Marketing Accelerates (DailyMail, Telegraph, WSJ, Conde Nast)
Flight Booking Launched (Worldwide)
Hotel Booking Launched (Worldwide)

Phase 5

Car Hire Launched (Regional)
Visa Processing Service Launched
Journalist Team Hired
Marketing Spend Accelerates Further

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