Here is a clear breakdown of the most common questions we get asked. If you can think of any new ones, please reach out to us on our Telegram.

Is this a token?

No, this is not a token – it’s a coin – a coin that can be accumulated and spent in the $HARE ecosystem on holidays, hotels and more.

This is utility.

What is the total supply of $HARE?

The Total Supply of $HARE will be 1 Trillion coins.

Will you burn any $HARE coins?

No, the total supply is fixed and has been determined by the market size and potential of the project.

What are the taxes when trading $HARE?

Our Buy & Sell Taxes will never exceed 15%, and both will be set at 10% at launch.

Our aim will be to reduce these at a large Market Cap.

So you can book flight tickets and hotels on a single website?

Yes, through our partners you will be able to book flights, hotels and eventually visa’s, car hire and excursions too.

Everything you need for a great holiday – in one website.

Wen lambo?


If you want a Lambo we hope you will choose to hire one through our Platform and pay for it with your $HARE tokens.

Will you verify the code?

We will verify the contract on BSCScan, but we will not verify the contract behind the scenes as piracy is rife and we wish to protect our development efforts.

Which partnerships do you have?

At an executive level, we have several conversations underway, but due to the powers of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we will not announce anything until it’s signed, sealed and ready to deliver.

We aren’t about name dropping without it being backed up by a cold, hard signature.

We try to keep it classy.


Which blockchain will you deploy on?

We will deploy $HARE to Binance Smart Contract (BSC), but we will bridge to ETH later.

Will you get audited by a third-party?

Yes, but to ensure funds are used properly and wisely this may or not be prior to launch – we will also make usage of a proxy contract so we can improve the contract without the burden of migrations.

Will you promote this using influencers?

We will not use the same “celebrities” used by some pump and dump coins, we like Jake Paul but we won’t be asking him to post, ditto Akon (Nothing personal!) and the other usual suspects.

We will look to work with select Influencers with known, established audiences in the travel sector.

We will arrange sponsorships ourselves so – respectfully – please don’t offer us such a service.

Will the team Doxx?

We would love to publicly share our complete profiles with everyone, but due to inappropriate behaviour by some elements of the wider Crypto community, we would prefer to do this when a suitable market cap is reached, or when development or marketing efforts require as such.

If you have any specific concerns, please reach out to the Team through our Telegram channel.

Will you host an AMA in my channel?

If it comes without a cost to us, then we will try our best, we are very keen to spread the word about $HARE to new investors and customers.

Will you add staking?

No, spend your $HARE on holidays and trips! Or hold them and earn reflections.

Win-win we say!

Will there be a private sale?

Yes, the Private Sale started 13th December, please contact Coeus in the Telegram group to join this round.

Will there be a presale?

Yes, further details will be announced on the News page and also on all our social media channels.

We have an interesting marketing proposal for you...

Yes, so everyone says.

Unless you provide a free trial, and/or thorough metrics we can analyse to ensure its success or better outcomes we would prefer to market using our own known suppliers.

Make an NFT bro – they are going to be big!

We are currently putting a commercial case together for a utility-driven travel NFT.

Much more to come.

How will I be kept informed about my investment?

$HARE treats all investors as they should be; with integrity and respect.

As such we do not expect or require anyone to be in our Telegram day-to-day or to check our socials constantly for news.

We would encourage all investors to join our mailing list, where we will send a monthly digest of the progress, the market cap, the trading volume and some plans for the coming month.

Transparency, opportunity and professionalism – that’s why you should invest in $HARE.

What about other blockchains? Bridging?

$HARE is initially launching on Binance Smart Chain, but has plans to roll out bridges to other blockchains.

The current strategy is to bridge to ETH and Polygon (Matic) in the near future.

Why would people pay with HARE and not USD/Euros/etc??

$HARE will incentivise purchases of holidays, flights, vacations and services through HARE coins by offering discounts and/or rewards for doing so.