Our Charter

Guided By Principles, Focused On Success

We know that the Crypto market is full of risk, and some would argue that Binance Smart Chain has become a place where scams are rife.

We are going to change that, and as part of our commitment to you; our customers, our supporters and hopefully investors we have drawn up some founding principles and gathered them into this charter.

  1. We will not mislead our Investors
    We will not purchase fake Likes, we will not fill our groups with Bots; we will ensure to our best ability that the numbers do not lie.
  2. We will not implement any blacklisting function.
    Individual wallets will not be prevented from selling
  3. We will not rug
    We will not rug, but it is a sad reflection of the market that this needs said.
  4. We will not burn Tokens
    Our supply is fixed and eternal as it has been carefully judged to the size of the market.
  5. We will always put the interest of the Investors first
    We will always act in a manner that is respectful of the trust in which we are given.
  6. We will not waste Development & Marketing funds.
    We will use funds raised in the same way we would our own; we will seek good value, solid metrics and solid learnings.
  7. We will not look to penalise holders by implementing high taxes.
    Our Buy & Sell Taxes will never exceed 15%, and both will be set at 10% at launch, our aim will be to half these at a large Market Cap.
  8. Any major purchases will be made public
    Whilst we cannot itemise every purchase, should we determine the need to invest a major amount into Marketing or Development we will make this known and rationalised to Investors.
  9. The Team will not liquidate any of our holdings without good reason
    We will only sell when needed to fund the delivery of the project.
  10. We will not abandon the project
    Whatever the market cap, no matter how high or low – we will see our vision delivered.
  11. We will not discriminate
    All Investors are given the same respect.
  12. These principles are eternal
    If we are fortunate enough to be acquired, the purchaser of the company/project will have to legally abide by these same conditions.